Marlin Marine is proud to offer you Candock: the most reliable plastic floating docks system ever to be installed on water.

The secret: twenty years of passionate and rigorous development in the floating dock industry.

The result: a plastic floating dock that comes with a twenty years guarantee. It is maintenance-free, deterioration-proof and easy to assemble. And you can configure our floating dock in any way you like.

The days of massive wood and metal docks are over! Candock’s modular floating dock system has reached a new era.

Candock Residential

For your boat, your jetskis, or just a unique platform for watching the sunset, our full trained team can design and build the perfect solution.

Get in touch below and our floating dock experts will be in touch.

Candock Commercial

We offer a bespoke floating dock service for marinas, hotels and resorts.

Quick to install, and quick to secure during hurricanes, let us build you the perfect solution. Get in touch now for a consultation.