20kW Honeywell Standby Generator With ATS

20kW Honeywell Standby Generator With ATS

A Honeywell automatic standby generator seamlessly backs up the circuits you choose during a power outage. It automatically starts within seconds of detecting power loss, and runs on the home’s existing natural gas or LP fuel supply. Choose a backup option from essential circuit, managed whole-house or complete whole-house coverage. It’s the reliable answer that ensures necessities, conveniences and amenities are always available and automatically backed up when the power goes out.

$6,395.00 excl. VAT


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PrecisionPower™ Technology delivers best-in-class power quality with less than 5 percent total harmonic distortion for clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics and appliances.

Transfer Switch Options Honeywell Sync™ Smart Transfer Switch: Utilizing digital power management, it allows
for coverage of two air conditioners without additional components and up to whole house coverage.

Engineered and Assembled in the USA.*
*Assembled in the USA using domestic and foreign parts.

Generac G-Force Engine is a purpose-built, pressure-lubricated engine capable of handling the rigors of generator use, resulting in power that’s more reliable and requiring less routine maintenance than any competitive engine.

WhisperCheck™ self-test mode runs at a lower RPM for a five minute test, is significantly quieter than other brands, and consumes less fuel.

Sturdy, All-Weather Aluminum Enclosure: The durable aluminum enclosure with RhinoCoat™ finish prolongs the life of your generator with corrosion-resistant protection from the elements, making it ideal for
coastal, salt-air climates. Modeled to withstand winds up to 150 mph, and with a fire rating certified for optimal placement, 18” away from a building. Composite mounting pad is included, eliminating the need to pour a
concrete base unless specified by local codes. An included base fascia completes the pleasing appearance of your generator.