Commander 1000R w/DPS

Commander 1000R w/DPS

DO IT ALL. You want to play. You want to work. You want everything in between. You need a legend on wheels. There’s only one machine engineered to make it happen. Honed over refinement and redesign, it’s a true original, as versatile as you are. You need the all new Can-Am Commander.

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The Can-Am Commander is the vehicle that does it all for the person who does it all. With high ground clearance and options for all types of riding, from snorkeled air intakes to LinQ quick-attach system, this rugged taskmaster covers more ground on every adventure you take on. Ride freely on this class leader: versatility, power, suspension and towing capacity combine to make this one unique unit. The Can-Am Commander will haul everything you want and has room to spare, for whatever you’re packing. You like to work, but you also like to play. Do it all on this true original.