Passenger Car & Light Truck Antifreeze & Coolant 1 Gallon

Passenger Car & Light Truck Antifreeze & Coolant 1 Gallon

Ethylene Glycol 50/50 Pre-Mix Formulation

AMSOIL Passenger Car/Light Truck Antifreeze & Coolant (ANTPC) provides superior heat transfer and excellent protection against corrosion, cylinder-liner cavitation, freezing and boil-over. They provide maximum protection in extreme temperatures and operating conditions, and they provide superior protection for aluminum, steel, cast iron, copper, brass and solder alloys.

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Help Prevent Metallic Corrosion and Erosion
Independent tests reveal AMSOIL Antifreeze/Coolants greatly surpass standards for metallic corrosion and erosion, achieving nearly perfect scores in ASTM corrosion and erosion testing on cast aluminum cylinder heads, steel, copper, solder, brass and cast iron and aluminum water pumps.


  • Engineered to exceed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements
  • Pre-mixed 50/50 with high-purity water.
  • Unique poly-organic acid (OAT) formulation imparts multi-vehicle application.
  • Phosphate-, nitrate-, nitrite-, silicate-, borate and amine-free.
  • Boil-over protection up to 265°F with a 15 psi radiator cap.
  • Freeze protection down to -34°F.