Ryker 900 ACE w/ Passenger Seat & Back Rest

Ryker 900 ACE w/ Passenger Seat & Back Rest

All day and all night, you’ve got everything you need and then some to take on the open road for the most exciting on-road riding experience you’ve ever had.

$18,749.85 excl. VAT

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Can-Am On-Road Ryker 900 with passenger seat and back rest features:

No need to worry about changing gears as your continuously variable transmission will find the perfect combination of performance and fuel efficiency for you.

Highly durable and robust driveshaft technology will help you enjoy a smooth ride all along the way. No need for further adjustment, alignment or maintenance.

Can be adjusted tool-free to fit the rider and provide a personalized and comfortable riding experience.

Vehicle Stability System that uses a variety of technologies, including SCS/ABS/TCS, to monitor the vehicle and keep the rider confident on the road.

The Can-Am Ryker was engineered to be almost infinitely customizable with 1 or 2-up options! Mere moments are all it takes to give it a transformation.