DF 90A

DF 90A

The first of Suzuki’s new generation four-strokes, the DF90A is a showcase of advancements and achievements – such as digital sequential electronic fuel injection, a powerful 2.59:1final drive ratio,  zero-maintenance self-adjusting time chain and don’t forget the Suzuki Lean Burn Control System.

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20″ Shaft

MultiPoint Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection

Suzuki Lean burn Control System

Suzuki Troll Mode System

Two-Stage Gear Reduction System

Offset Driveshaft

Direct Ignition

Suzuki Easy Start System

Over-Rev. Limiter

Low Oil Pressure Caution

Fully Transistorized Ignition

Timing Chain

Fresh Water Flushing System

Power Trim and Tilt

Tilt Limit

Streamlined Gear Case

Speedometer Pickup of Gear Case

Suzuki Anti-Corrosion System